Next-Gen Opportunities in Ethical Innovation

  1. Foster a Culture of Ethical Innovation and Inspiration — Develop an environment that allows for experimentation, taking risks, and rewards success, but doesn’t punish failure/learning.
  2. Imagine & Envision Big — We live in a universe of infinite possibilities. Unfortunately time and monetary budgets are finite and tend to squash creativity and imagination. Start with imagination and big ideas rather than budgets and small thinking. Allow imagination to flourish and then determine whether an idea has a market and the ROI for the time to develop the idea.
  3. Provide the Right Tools — Providing your team the right tools and environment to succeed is critical to success. Too often companies don’t give sufficient budgets and tools to allow innovation to flourish typically resulting in failures rather than successes.
  4. Build Integrated & Multidisciplinary Teams — Too often teams are segregated and siloed — R&D/technology/product development don’t regularly interface with sales and marketing or finance. This generally results in products that do not serve the market or have an ROI. While a culture of innovation should allow for imagination and big thinking, the greater the integration of multi-disciplinary teams, the more effectively innovation can be guided toward those technologies and products that will be greenlit, funded, developed and sold.
  5. Implement a Situationally Adaptive Organization (“SAO”) — Rather than authority being delegated by title, authority is delegated through experience as applied to a given situation. This allows an organization to be nimble, to engage in rapid prototyping, and take action in accordance with situations and market conditions as they arise rather than the inefficient bureaucratic and hierarchical models generally utilized in organizations.



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Mark Stephen Chasan

Mark Stephen Chasan

Mark Chasan is a lawyer, entrepreneur and financial advisor supporting regenerative communities and eco-social entrepreneurs to foster the Regenerative Economy.